How to Get Brunei Tourist Visit Visa from London

Brunei, also known as Brunei Darrusalam, is a small sultanate that is famous for its oil and natural gas resources. The country is very rich and is located in South China sea, placing it in a lucrative sea route. The country is surrounded by friendly countries and shares a border with Malaysia. British travelers have been visiting the ancient kingdom for many years and the UK government currently has good relations with the country. One of the few embassies of the country around the world exists in London, making it easier for tourists and visa seekers living in London to apply for tourist and business visas.

Visit: Brunei Darrusalam High Commission


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    British Citizens

    British citizens are not required to apply for a visa before making their way to Brunei. They will be issued a 30 day visa at the legal points of entry listed here. You will need to have a passport that is valid for at least six months and a ticket that shows your travel to another country or your home destination.

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    Other Nationals

    If you are not on the exemption list you will need to apply for a visa through the Brunei Embassy in London. The Brunei Immigration and Naturalization department requires that all applicants come to the embassy in person to apply.

    The Government of Brunei makes it very clear that the visa is not a pass but permission to enter and should be treated as such.

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    You will require the following documents and need to meet the set rules in order to qualify for a visit visa.

    a) Valid passport that has six months before expiry.
    b) A return air ticket or a itinerary. You can also have tickets for another country as long as there is a set date of departure.
    c) Two passport size photographs
    d) Postal order to pay the visa fee

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    Applying for a Visa

    You must go in person to the embassy in London order to apply for the visa. You will be provided with the application form at the consulate. If you need to call in and setup an appointment you can use the following numbers: +44 20 7581 0521. This can also be used to contact the embassy for all queries.

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    Processing times and fees

    When you apply directly tot he embassy for a visa, they will issue it for 3 months but you can acquire one for more than 3 months if you wish. You also have an option of a single entry or multiple entry visas.

    The Fees are as follows:

    Single Entry - B$20.00 (£10.13)
    Multiple Entry for 3 months - B$30.00 (£15.19)
    Multiple Entry for more than 3 months -B$50.00 (£25.33)

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    Visa Collection

    The embassy processes application with in 1 to 3 days and you can receive your passport from the embassy once they are done.

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    Document Checklist

    Once you have everything lined up go through the checklist below to make sure you are on track:

    a) Passport valid for six months.
    b) A return air ticket or connecting flight to another country.
    c) Two passport size photographs.
    d) Postal order
    e) Funds for stay, travel and entertainment

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    Things not allowed in country

    Each country has its own unique rules and regulations and Brunei is no different. The country is a strict Islamic nation and bringing in alcohol is not allowed. If you take medication, be sure to have a doctors prescription or letter to prove that they are legal.

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