How To Get Caravan Site Licence In London

A caravan is a large compartment fit for human habitat and is capable of being pulled by a vehicle or car. Londoners who get tired of London’s fast-paced lifestyle and miss the peace and greenery of the rural areas tend to escape from the city’s busy streets by caravanning in caravan sites. Caravan sites are lush green fields rented out by the owners to be used by people. If you own a property or green field large enough and are planning to use it as a caravan site then you need to obtain a license from the local council for this purpose.


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    Application for a Caravan Site License

    You should write an application or fill in an application form to your local council to apply for a caravan site license. Contact your local council for the application form.

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    Submitting the Application Form

    After you have filled in and signed the application form, you will be required to submit it to the local council. Normally there is no license fee, but it is still advised to check and confirm with the authority.

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    Conditions or criteria

    The local council reserves the right to control the time and number for better human habitation. The type of caravans and the placing or positioning is controlled and appropriate fire safety methods are ensured.

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    Tacit Consent

    Some local councils may also practice the right to tacit consent. This means that if you don't get a response within the presecribed time then you may consider that the local council has  granted approval of your application. However, it is still advisable to contact the local council and confirm from them.

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    The Caravan Sites and Control of development Act 1960

    The Caravan sites licenses are issued by Caravan Sites and Control of Development Act 1960. If you are interested in viewing the Act then click here.

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