How to Get Inspired to Paint

Some sort of inspiration is needed by all artists, no matter they are born artists or learn the art at a professional school. The inspiration also involves observation, without which an artist finds it difficult to get going. If the artist’s own imagination stops working, they need an inspiration from somewhere else. For this, listening to music, reading about artists and their work, watching films and watching people living their lives in different social settings in real time is very helpful. When you think you are finished in thinking great ideas, stop your work and relax for next stage.


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    Inspiration is food for thought of all artists. It can generate and polish their own ideas and help them get going in their artistic work. Without inspiration, an artist can feel stuck or their creativity stops.

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    If you as an artist feel you are going nowhere or stuck into the same ideas, just relax and give yourself time to think all over again. Relaxing with eyes closed can help you regeneration of ideas in you.

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    Observe people walking a nearby cafe and if your subject is people, you can get great ideas while watching people living their lives practically and in real time in different social settings. Your observation of people can inspire great ideas in your mind and you can find yourself get going once again.

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    If you just feel tired or frustrated after finding yourself stuck, leave the work and listen to your favorite music to relax. Once you are relaxed, your ideas factory can start working again. Listening to music can also help you get inspired.

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    Watching a good film can also help you take away from the stagnation phase of your work and can inspire some fresh ideas. It is possible for you to watch people movement, colours and other settings in a film and that can inspire ideas in you.

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    Reading a good book, especially if you feel relaxed, can bring back your thinking process and you can possibly think of some great ideas once again. Reading about artists in your field and their work can also help inspire you with new ideas.

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    If you are into a sport activity, you can play that sport for a while and get yourself relaxed. It is not that you are  unable to think of any idea; it is just that you are unable to come up with something new at that given moment. So relaxation can bring you back into the same thinking process again, and you can think of some great ideas.

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    Be assured you only get inspiration from work of other artists, instead of copying them. There is a difference between getting inspired by someone's work and copying their work. Even copy of their work ideas kills creativity and you might end up producing the same thing that the other artists have already done.

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