How to Get Over Being Shy Around Girls

Talking to girls can be a problem for some guys especially if they are shy. However, unless you look like Brad Pitt, silence isn’t going to get you anywhere with them. Girls aren’t Martians who speak a difference language; they are humans, just like you, and would probably talk to you if you have something interesting to say to them. Remember, apart from looks, girls dig confidence in a guy.


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    Try to approach a girl when she is alone, as walking up to a group of girls is a lot harder because they would probably mock you or get up to mischief. Remember, if a girl is sitting alone in a party she is probably there to meet and talk to someone.

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    Don't think too much of talking to a girl. Just saying hi does not mean you are asking her out. Remain calm and composed before approaching a girl, unless you want to sound like a nervous wreck when you open your mouth. Deep breaths help.

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    It is best to approach a girl when she is looking for something or browsing at a library or store. This gives you a genuine excuse to start a conversation by inquiring whether she needs assistance.

    It is more awkward when you purposely approach the girl and everyone knows you are moving in to try and talk to her.

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    When you do get to talk to her, don't focus on yourself or the words coming out of your mouth. Instead, try to remain calm and casual. Talk slowly, clearly and make sense.

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    It is best if the conversation takes a natural route. Try not to impose or force it - let the conversation flow freely and stick to safe topics like weather, studies, sports, movies and music.

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    If the girl responds or initiates a topic, listen to her intently and pay attention. Just because you walked up to her does not mean you are expected to do all the talking. In fact, her talking back is a good sign if nothing else.

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    Don't drag things out. Keep the conversation interesting and funny. While she may ask you about your life and family, no one wants to listen to all the minute details.

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    Don't ask too many questions right from the start. Give her room to express herself how she wants. If you probe too much, you run the risk of making the conversation awkward.

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