How To Get Petroleum Licence In London

When it comes to storing petroleum products for different purposes then you will have to get a petroleum license first in order to proceed with storage of petrol etc. The license is required for such premises where you store the petrol in a large tank and then dispense the petrol through motors and pipes for different purposes. The license is also needed for such domestic users who store petrol that is above 275 litres in quantity or any other place or situation where petroleum and spirit regulations act 1929 is not met. In area other than London, the local councils are authorised to issue the petroleum license whereas in London the London fire brigade or fire and rescue authority is responsible to issue the license. Hence if you are thinking to start a petroleum related business or want to store petrol for domestic use in London then you will have to follow this step by step guide in order to get a petroleum license.


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    Eligibility Criteria

    Currently there is no provision in the legislation for the issuance of petroleum license. For detailed eligibility criteria to get petroleum license in London, please click here!

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    Application Process

    To apply for petroleum license in London you must have to contact the local fire authority or London fire and emergency planning authority’s petroleum group. The application can only be made in person by visiting the office or by ordering the form through phone and email and then posting it back. In order to contact London fire and emergency planning authority’s petroleum group you can use the following contact details to order the application form.

    Postal Address: 169 Union Street London, SE1 0LL, United kingdom
    Contact: +44 208 555 1200
    Visit: London Fire Brigade’s Website

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    Purpose and Conditions of License

    The purpose of this license is to allow the personals to store an approved quantity of petroleum products. So if someone tries to store excess quantity of petrol and violate the license term it is an offence and may lead to imprisonment and the license will also be void.

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