How to Get Rid Of a Canker Sore Naturally

Canker sores, small shallow ulcers that usually appear in the mouth and tongue, are not doubt very painful. This common skin problem is usually caused by tissue injury or stress and can prevent you from taking food properly or brushing teeth. In addition to that, the aching experience can be so worse that it can distract you from your daily activities. You may have had or will experience this unpleasant pain of canker sore at some point of your life. You do not need to go through any medical treatment for it as you can get rid of them naturally within few days.


  • 1

    Apply tea bag

    Once you use a tea bag for making a cup of tea, do not throw it away, as you can use it to get rid of the painful canker sores in your mouth or tongue. Tea bags contain tannic acid that is among the effective remedies for canker sores. You just have to place the used tea bag on the affected area of your mouth and hold it pressed for few minutes in order to provide some relief to your canker sore.

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    Apply Aloe Vera juice

    Aloe Vera juice rinses a couple of times a day have been used for years to get rid of canker sores.

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    Apply salt-water solution

    Another good option for a rinse is the salt-water solution as it kills the bacteria in your mouth. Take a glass of mild water and add 1 tablespoon of salt in it. Stir it until the salt dissolves properly. Now, rinse your mouth with this salt-solution as much as you can throughout the day.

  • 4

    Apply Alum

    Alum is another effective way to control canker sore. Place some quantity of alum on your clean finger and directly apply it on your canker sores to help rid of the pain. Make sure to apply it at least three times in a day until you get rid of the irritating pain.

  • 5

    Apply baking powder paste

    Place one tablespoon of baking powder in a medium mixing bowl and pour half cup of warm water into it. Stir until mix well and rinse your effected mouth with it several times a day.

  • 6

    Apply grapefruit seed extract

    Canker sore can also be treated by rinsing with a grapefruit seed extract. Mix one tablespoon of water and grapefruit seed extract and stir until a smooth mouthwash is formed. Now, rinse your mouth with this useful mouthwash 3 to 4 times in a day to get rid of the canker sores sooner.

  • 7

    Apply tea tree oil

    Applying tea tree oil is among the popular home remedy to treat a canker sore. You just have to put some tea tree oil on your finger and top your canker sore with it for two to three times in a day.

  • 8

    Apply raw onion wedge

    Fresh onions are one of the beneficial home remedies to get of the aching pain of canker sores. Simply peel off an onion properly, cut it into wedges, and place one of the pieces on the affected area. Hold it for few minutes and then remove gently. Repeat this method for 4 to 5 times a day until you get rid of the canker sores.

  • 9

    Apply honey and turmeric paste

    Coat your canker sores with a honey-turmeric paste and see the difference. Place 1 teaspoon of pure honey in a mixing bowl and top it with some turmeric powder. Mix both of the ingredients vigorously until a fine paste if formed. Now, apply this paste directly on the canker sores in your tongue or mouth and wait for few minutes.

  • 10

    Apply Goldenseal

    Another useful method to get rid of canker sores is the application of herb goldenseal that quickens healing and helps with pain. Pick up some goldenseal and crush it for few minutes until a fine powder is formed. Gently apply this goldenseal powder to your canker sores and see them fading in no time.

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