How to Save a Finger after Accidental Amputation

There are many instances when people lose their fingers while working at a factory or while operating a machine. You need to follow some steps to make sure your finger can be reattached through surgery. First of all, try to stop the bleeding from the finger. Wrap a dry towel around your finger and apply pressure so that the blood is stopped. Locating your cut finger and placing it in ice is another major thing you need to do. Immediately call for medical help. You can lose your finger if you do not perform the right things at the right time.


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    Do not panic

    The most important thing is not to panic. It may be very difficult considering the pain you might be going through, but a panic situation may result in a permanent loss of the finger. You have to be patient and must not waste any time.

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    Try to stop the bleeding

    It is extremely important to stop the bleeding from the finger. The best thing is to apply direct pressure to the area where the cut is to stop the blood. You can use a clean cloth or a towel for this purpose. Try to wrap it around the finger so that it could stop the blood for some time.

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    Locate the missing finger

    You need to locate the missing finger as soon as possible so that it can be reattached to your hand later. The finger has to be put in ice so that it does not deteriorate until you reach the hospital. Place the finger in a plastic bag first.

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    Place it in an ice-filled container

    You need to place the plastic bag that contains the finger into an ice-filled container. If you do not have a container, crushed ice or ice water can be used for the purpose. This will help in slowing the process of deterioration of the finger.

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    Get medical help

    The ambulance should be called in immediately so that you can get immediate medical attention for your finger. If somebody is with you at the time of the incident, ask him or her to immediately call the ambulance.

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