How to Get Rid Of a Headache Naturally

Almost all of us have suffered from headaches at one time or another. There is nothing worse than sitting at work or home with a headache as you are unable to concentrate or focus. The cause of a headache can range from stress, lack of sleep to allergies and health related issues. Headaches can also be a strong indicator that something is wrong with your health. Although many traditional remedies exist to relieve the pain of a headache, most of us fail to realize that there are a lot of natural methods that you can use to get rid of your headache.
Before you reach for your usual over the counter pain reliever you can try some of the natural ways listed below to get some relief from a headache.


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    One of the main causes of headaches is usually stress. In today’s hectic lifestyle, most of us find ourselves overwhelmed by the massive amount of things that we have to do during an average day. Often times we fail to identify the real root cause of our headaches and usually it is just stress. Learning to relax is a very important natural way to relieve a headache. Taking a deep breath and thinking of a nice peaceful place while you sit still and relax is a very effective way to reduce the pain from a headache.

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    Drink lots of water:

    Drinking water is very important for maintaining your health. Most of the times we barely drink the right amount of water that our bodies require to function properly. This can often lead to headaches due to the lack of water in our system. Drinking a few glasses of water can significantly reduce the pain associated with some headaches.

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    The basic concept behind Reflexology is based on the hands and feet having a direct link to different organs or parts of our bodies. Thus, by manipulating certain parts of your hands or feet can provide some relief from a headache. This method allows for an increased level of blood flow throughout the body and helps with reducing your headache.

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    Massaging your temples or the neck can also provide some natural relief for a headache. By massaging areas like your shoulders or head can increase blood flow and increase your level of relaxation to get some relief from a headache.

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    Use an ice-pack:

    Using an ice-pack directly on your head or neck can provide significant relief for a headache sufferer. The reduction in temperature that an ice-pack provides can give some soothing relief for a pounding headache.

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