How to Get Rid Of a Migraine without Medication

A migraine headache is the most debilitating form of a headache. Often the pain from a migraine can be so intense that it can prevent you from going about your day to day activities normally. Sometimes a migraine can be associated with severe dizziness and nausea. Having severe pain on one particular side of the brain is a sign that you might be suffering from a migraine headache.
Although most of us immediately reach for some over the counter treatments, there are many ways of getting rid of your migraine without medication. Most natural methods for treating your migraine headache can significantly reduce the pain that you experience.


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    A migraine headache can sometimes be caused by continued stress and simply finding a quiet place to relax can be an effective method for reducing the pain associated with a migraine. By closing your eyes and thinking of a peaceful place while taking deep breaths can provide some relief from a migraine headache.

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    Using massage to get rid of your migraine headache can be a very effective method. Massaging your head and neck can provide some relief from the pain of a migraine. Also, massage can increase blood flow and help with circulation to eliminate your migraine headache. Massage is considered to be a safe natural method for relief from a migraine headache.

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    Use an ice-pack:

    Get an ice-pack and apply to your head and neck. This method can effectively reduce the pain that you might have from a migraine headache. The cool temperature can give some soothing relief to the sufferer. An ice-pack essentially cools the area around the head and neck to numb the areas causing pain for the migraine sufferer.

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    Use a hot-pack:

    Using a hot-pack can also give some relief to a migraine sufferer. Applying a warm or hot-pack to the head, neck and shoulders can provide effective treatment for a migraine headache as the heat provides increased blood flow throughout the body.

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    Sit in the dark:

    Sometimes turning the lights off and sitting quietly in the room can help the migraine sufferer and provide a relaxing atmosphere to ease the pain. Migraines often cause sensitivity to light and sitting in a dark quiet room can help eliminate the pain. This method of sitting in a dark quiet place is very effective at reducing the level of stress and noise that can be magnified by someone suffering from a migraine headache.

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