How to Get Rid Of a Pimple Overnight

The PIMPLE! Half of the world’s population considers it their worst enemy! You feel like wringing its neck and throw it out on the street but then we have this tiny little problem-the more you irritate it, the longer it stays! You may have seen many of your friends cancel their long awaited dates just because overnight a tiny pimple decided to pay them a visit and mess up their lives just for the fun of it. However, do not sleep depressed! It will only make them worse! We have the perfect cure for throwing them right through the door in no time. You do not need to go to any dermatologist for expensive medical treatments as you can remove them at home.


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    Apply plain white toothpaste

    Plain white toothpaste is one of the best home remedies for pimples. All you have to do is wash your face with a good quality face wash in the evening and gently pat it dry thoroughly. Now, place a bit of plain white toothpaste on your finger and apply it to the pimples. Leave it over night and wash with cold water early in the next morning.

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    Apply fresh lemon juice

    Another good remedy for pimples is the fresh lemon juice. Take a lemon, cut it into two, and apply its inner sides to your pimples before going to bed. However, you can extract the juice of the lemon first and then apply it to the pimples. Wash your face next morning and feel the difference.

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    Apply cinnamon-honey paste

    There is no other effective homemade remedy for pimples than a cinnamon-honey paste. Take some cinnamon and crush them properly until they convert into powder.  Top this cinnamon power with one-teaspoon honey and stir until a smooth paste is formed. Apply this paste to the pimple in the evening prior going to bed. Make sure to wash your face thoroughly early once you get up early in the next morning.

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    Apply egg albumin (egg white)

    The white potion of an egg (albumin) is another effective home remedy for pimples. Separate the albumin of an egg carefully and apply it the pimples. Wait for few minutes until it dries completely and rinse the affected area with mild or cold water.

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