How to Get Rid of Asthma Mucus

A fairly common disease but surprisingly the modern science is yet to find it’s cure because the causes vary from patient to patient as airflow limitation is observed not only in asthma but also in a host of other diseases.

And while the attack can last from a few minutes to many hours, there is little arguing to the statement that certain special medicines can temporarily improve the condition of the patient.

As defined by doctors, Asthma is a disease characterized by episodes of airway obstruction (abnormal patency of the bronchi), in whole or in part reversible. It is based on the inflammation of the bronchial mucosa and bronchial hyperactivity.

It is necessary to clearly distinguish the therapeutic measures to help get rid of the already existing attack and means to mitigate the disease.


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    One should part company with pets if they are sensitive or allergic to their fur.

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    One should avoid keeping flowers in their rooms as the seasonal flowers can cause breathing problems.

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    It is dangerous for the patients with asthma to smoke. Ideally, they should get maximum exposure to fresh air.

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    Patients with Asthma should avoid excessive physical activity from which they may develop bronchospasm, which causes shortness of breath or even asthma. Aminophylline powder can help them out in this regard.

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    Patients should perform breathing exercises as there are plenty of training institutes and excessive information on how to breathe properly on the internet.

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    Many people have heard or read about a miracle cure i.e. acupuncture. Sometimes the acupuncture really works well but it should be noted that it is far less beneficial then inhalation.

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    Patient should drink at least one litter water along with some other drinkables because dehydration can provoke asthma.

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    It is desirable for the patients to diet: vegetables, fruits, salads, soups, vegetables, boiled meat (1-2 times a week) can help them overcome the problem. Taking Garlic, honey and turmeric with either water or milk two-times a day can sometimes help.

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    One should also need to be careful about certain fragrances in their surroundings that can help in provoking Asthma.

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    Patients should try to avoid taking too much stress and they should learn how to remain calm despite being in difficult situations at times.

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    To get rid of asthma without traditional medication methods, it is necessary to remember that seawater could be a solution. The evaporation of salt water will help you breathe easier and regular treatments can develop immunity to get rid of asthma permanently.

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