How to Get Rid Of Body Odor Naturally

People who put up with the stinking body odor may find themselves turning aside from social get-togethers in order to avoid any kind of embarrassment. No one in the world likes his or her nostrils to be closed by the annoying body odor. Fungal infections, hormonal imbalance, poor hygiene, kidney and liver disease, and smoking are among the main causes of body odor. However, do not worry as you can get rid of this embarrassing problem with few slight changes to your life style and diet. If you are one among those who have this problem, read this article to get idea how to get rid of body odor naturally.


  • 1

    Change your diet

    Try to exclude those food items from your diet plan that causes body odor problem like onions and garlic. In addition to that, avoid artificial, spicy, or processed foods. Increase the ratio of fruits as well as vegetables in your diet.

  • 2

    Drink plenty of water

    Water is the best natural remedy to get rid of body odor naturally. Make sure to drink at least 10 to 12 glasses of water a day.v

  • 3

    Take showers on daily basis

    Take bath every day, as cleanliness is one of the best ways to avoid the foul-smelling body odor. It is even better to add some rose water or sandalwood oil to the water while taking shower.

  • 4

    Use good quality deodorant

    Use the best quality deodorant for body odor. Once you take shower, wipe your whole body dry, and apply deodorant to your underarm.

  • 5

    Wear cotton clothes

    The body odor problem reaches the peak during summer due to excessive sweating. Therefore, try to wear light cotton clothes, which are effective in soaking up the sweat.

  • 6

    Wash your clothing regularly

    Always use neat and clean clothes and never re-wear clothes without washing them properly.

  • 7

    Shave your armpits regularly

    Shave the hair on the sensitive parts of your body like underarms in order to keep yourself dry, comfortable, and free from body odor.

  • 8

    Apply talcum powder to your groin areas

    Place some talcum powder on your hand and apply it to groin areas, including breast, underarm, feet etc.

  • 9

    Change tampons or pads frequently

    If you are going through the menstruation process, then make sure to change your pad or tampon frequently.

  • 10

    Avoid stress

    Stress stinks as it activates the sweating process. Therefore, try to avoid stress and stay cool, finding things to occupy your mind with other than your daily headaches.

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