How to Get Rid of Dead Rat Smell

Are you desperate to know how to get rid of the irritating smell of the dead rat? We can understand your situation as the dead rat smell is no doubt very sickening and hellish. Rats often creep under doorways and inside crawl spaces to die, and the odoriferous odor of the dead rat spread to different parts of the house through open doors, windows, and cracks. In addition to that, many parasitic insects attract towards the dead body of the rat and make the situation worse during the decaying process. This article contains couple of solutions that you can try on your own before resorting to the expense of a professional in order to get rid of dead rat’s smell.


  • 1

    Dispose the dead rat

    You can get rid of the terrible smell by removing the dead body of the rat, of course. Cover your face with a mask and crawl under the different parts of your house in order to find the dead rat. Once you find the dead rat, wear disposable gloves, and transfer it into a plastic bag. Now, remove it and dispose of it properly.

  • 2

    Clean the area

    Once you dispose the dead rat, take a bleach, surfactant, or detergent, and clean the area of your house where the dead rat was found.

  • 3

    Open windows and doors

    Open up all windows and doors around the affected area in order to allow exchange of gases. In case if the weather does not permit the opening of door and windows, simply switch on the exhaust fan or a ceiling fan.

  • 4

    Place onion slices in the affected area

    Onion slices are good in absorbing the smell of dead rat. What you have to do is, just grab a large onion, and cut it into medium slices. Now, place few of the onion slices on disposable plates and set them in different parts of your house from where you want to get rid of the irritating smell. Make sure to let the onion slices sit overnight and see the difference.

  • 5

    Place vinegar bowls in the affected area

    Remove the onion slices from different parts of your house early in the next morning. Now, take few small mixing bowls and fill them with vinegar. Place the bowls in the affected area of your house and leave it for at least 24 hours. Vinegar is also effective remedy that is useful to get rid of the odor.

  • 6

    Spray air freshener

    Remove the vinegar bowl after 24 hours and spray any of your favorite air freshener in order to remove the remaining smell of the dead rat. Make sure to spray the air freshener after every two hours until you get rid of the nasty smell.

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