How to Get Rid of Water Retention in Your Body

The human body may retain water due to a number of situations like pre-menopause or menopause, pregnancy and pre-menstruation. Usually swelling occurs in the abdomen or extremities which can vary from being painful to very uncomfortable. Most people that suffer from water retention are unaware of the causes or methods to help get rid of this situation. Follow some simple instructions to help eliminate excess water from your body.


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    Reduce your sodium and glucose consumption. Most people know that reducing sodium will help remove unwanted water but few understand that glucose also plays a key role in water accumulation inside your body. It can react with the insulation in the body, which interferes with its capacity to deal with sodium.

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    Avoid unhealthy junk food at all times to avoid water detention. Fast food meals contain all the wrong ingredients that can contribute to further bloating rather than remove it. When eating anything, make sure it is fresh and not processed. Also, try to stay away from meals that are fried.

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    Always seek fresh vegetables and fruits that are high in potassium like spinach, banana and mangoes to make sure you get the appropriate water stability inside your body. Changing to whole grain bread and increasing fibre consumption can also help you achieve great results. Furthermore, reduce your beef intake and increase your chicken and fish consumption.

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    Drink juices and natural drinks on a regular basis. Putting lemon in your water will result in more frequent urination. Cranberry juice not only allows stability of water but it also flushes out the pH from your system.

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    Start drinking natural tea as much as possible to considerably improve your digestion system. Many teas have light diuretic characteristics that can result in the appropriate water stability for your body.

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    Avoid letting your body get dehydrated. Human body automatically maintains water when it feels it is experiencing low water concentration. Therefore, although it sounds crazy, you have to stay hydrated in order to remove the unwanted water from your body. It is recommended to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water on a daily basis to flush out the excess water. Exercise regularly as this will also help you eliminate unwanted water through sweat and urination. The more active you are the body can easily regulate the amount of water in the system to help prevent retention.

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