How to Get Saint Helena Tourist Visit Visa from London

Saint Helena is an island in the South Atlantic Ocean. It is a British overseas territory and enjoys a good reputation among tourist from the UK. Visitors are dazzled by the stunning natural splendor of a waterfall running from the middle of a heart shaped cliff and the green mountains of Diana’s Peak. Tourists from cities like  London also find Jacobs ladder and the two national parks of this beautiful island mesmerizing. Travelers can also entertain themselves in the tropical waters and rifle shooting. The island also has two museums with Longwood House being the last resting place of Napoleon.

If you intend to take a break from the monotonous routine in London’s busy streets and visit this gorgeous island you will need to get tourist visa permit. The details are below:

Visit: Saint Helena UK Diplomatic Representative


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    British Nationals

    British nationals do not require a visa for entry into Saint Helena. However, they must have a 6-month valid passport.

    Other nationals

    All other nationals must check the requirements of their visa with the Saint Helena's UK Diplomatic representative at the above address.

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    Documents Checklist

    You have to contact Saint Helena's Diplomatic representative Office for all the details. However, some generic documents are

    a) 6-month valid passport
    b) travel Insurance
    c) accommodation and itinerary
    d) return ticket
    e) Health Insurance

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    Applying for Visa, Processing time and visa-permit fee

    You have to contact Saint Helena diplomatic representative in London to get details about visa-permit. However since the island is a British overseas territory, you will need to hold a UK visit visa in order to make your way to the island.

    A Visitors Pass will usually be issued for a time of three months upon arrival; permit must be renewed by the second month if tourist desires to reside for longer.

    A fee of £12.00 is charged to all tourists over the last twelve years on arriving at the port of St Helena.

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    Visiting Saint Helena

    Getting to Saint Helena can only be done by sea. There are currently no airports on the island.You can book your visit by Royal Mail Ship (RMS). RMS can be contacted at

    Andrew Weir Shipping Ltd

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    Items allowed at Saint Helena

    You can bring following items to Saint Helena without any custom:

    a) Spirits, strong liqueurs over 22% volume 1 litre and Wine 2 litres or Beer/Lager 340 bottle/cans or 12 bottles/cans

    (b) Toilet water and perfumed spirits not more than 250 ml

    (c) Cigarettes not more than 200 or other tobacco commodities not more than 250 grams in total

  • 6

    Prohibited itmes

    a)      Firearms and ammunition except accompanied by a valid licence.

    b)      Obscene objects or pornographic literature and films.

    c)     Animals except accompanied by a permit granted by the Chief Agricultural & Natural Resources Officer, St Helena

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