Whitechapel Tube Station London

Whitechapel tube station is located on Whitechapel Road near London Borough of Tower Hamlets in East London. This station started operations in 1876 and has also experienced several changes in its structure; in different refurbishment sessions over time. The station offers different facilities to its users including telephone booths, toilets, gates and ticket halls. All kinds of amenities can also be found in nearby areas of this station ranging from a number of options for restaurants, health and fitness centres, hospitals, pubs and bars etc. However, entrance can be made to the ticket hall of this rapid transit from Whitechapel road, the same route provides the exit pathway.


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    Restaurants & Coffee; a number of famous coffee shops and well renowned restaurants are located near this tube station in London. You may visit any location to enjoy hot cup of coffee along with delicious  meal.

    Pizza Hut Restaurant,
    Clifton Restaurant
    Needoo Grill,
    Lahore Kebab House,
    Café 1001.

    Coffee Shops
    Nude Espresso

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    Clubs & Bars; are present to add a sip of joy in your life. Some fine quality pubs, bars and night clubs are located just close to this tube station.

    Rhythm Factory,
    93 Feet East,
    The Old Blue Last
    The Hoxton Pony.

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    Hotels & Accommodation; only limited options are available with in a mile's range from this London underground station. However, all kind of luxurious accommodations are also available few miles away from this rapid transit.

    Lodge 51,
    City Hotel,
    Brick Lane Hotel
    40 WiNKS.

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    Sights and Attractions; include beautiful parks, historical sites and museums near to this tube station. A large number of tourists from all over the world come to enjoy their trip to these locations.

    Whitechapel Gallery
    Dennis Severs' House
    Museum Of Childhood

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    Schools & Colleges; consist of some world renowned universities and colleges, which are providing quality education to hundreds and thousands of students enrolled in these prestigious institutes.

    London Churchill College
    St. Peters College Of London
    London Reading College
    Queen Mary University of London
    Osmani Primary School
    Blizard Institute of Cell and Molecular Science
    Ebrahim College

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    Gift & Bookshops; are present with in one mile proximity to this underground station in London. All kinds of books and gift items are available here with varying price rates depending upon your choice.

    Eastside Books
    Al-Furqan Bookshop
    Safa Books.

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    Health & Beauty Services; are offered by famous and professional beauty salons, spas and fitness centres. They are not only serving the residents of this area but are also attracting visitors from different locations.

    Genki Health & Beauty
    Tao Hair & Beauty
    Serve Health & Beauty

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    Emergency Services; in the form police stations, fire stations and ambulance services are offering their services in the vicinity of this station. They are all ready to serve the community at any time of the day, in case if any uncertain event might occur.

    Metropolitan Police Service
    Bethnal Green Police Station
    Whitechapel Fire Station
    London County Council London Fire Brigade
    Bethnal Green Fire Station.

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    Hospitals & Clinics; in case of any medical attention, there is no need to panic, since there are many hospitals and private clinics that lie in the suburbs of this London underground station.

    Royal London Hospital
    The London Chest Hospital
    BMI The London Independent Hospital
    The Community Midwifery Service
    Whitechapel Dental Centre.

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    Shopping Malls; have one or two options near this tube station. All kinds of products can be bought from these shopping centres, that are located just a few minutes walk away from this rapid transit.

    Spitalfields Market
    The Waterlily Shopping Centre
    The Lazy Ones.

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    Childcare Centres; are offering services to all those working parents, who unfortunately can't pamper their children due to uneven official hours.

    Weaversfield Community Nursery
    Spitalfields Children Centre
    Leapfrog Day Nursery.

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