How to Get Sudan Tourist Visit Visa from London

The civil war ruined African country Sudan, still has several attractions for the tourists. If you have decided to make a visit to African country Sudan, you need to follow process of getting tour visa.  You will have to follow for the legitimate process of getting the visa of Sudan from London.  Step by Step brings you the details requirements for getting the tourist visa of Sudan from London along with rest of the work. You will be required to submit three application forms at the time submitting of application. The passport and fee will be required at the time of visa is ready. Here is the detailed procedure following which you can easily get the visit visa of Sudan

Visit: Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in London


  • 1

    Application Form

    First of all you need to get application form which can be downloaded from the official website of Sudani Embassy. To download application form click here

  • 2

    Requirements for the tourist visa

    To get the tourist visa of Sudan you are required to submit three application forms, three photographs, one copy of the detailed page of the passport.  While the passport and fees  are required when the application is approved.

  • 3

    Charges and validity of Sudani visa
    The charges for Sudani visit visa are £55.00. for the British and other nations. However, the holders of USA Passports are required to pay £95.

    a) Validity of visa is two moths from date of issue.
    b) Period of stay is two months from date of entry to Sudan.
    c) All entry visas are valid for single journey.

  • 4

    Submitting the visa application

    Submit application form After completing your application form, send it to the Sudanese visa section in London which process it and will inform you within processing time. You can submit the application online by visiting their website which is mentioned above. You may also submit the application personally on following address:

    Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in London

  • 5

    Processing time and procedure of paying charges
    The dues are payable by postal order, company cheques or cash. Personal cheques not accepted. The Sudani embassy takes up to four weeks at least for processing the visa application.

  • 6

    Receiving the Visa

    Once you have submitted your application, you need to wait for the period of time that was prescribed by Sudani embassy and can collect it from embassy after completion of processing period.

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