How to Get Telepathic Powers

If you have somehow found yourself here then it is obvious that there is either two things on your mind at the moment; either you wish to become a superhero and fight for good or you want to take the world in a reign of dominance and success.

Whatever the case, we are here to help you achieve that goal in your life because we believe one should not laugh at others but rather encourage those who are a little special. So well done, for wanting to find out how to get telepathic powers and let it be known that you are not the first one here nor will you be the last, sadly.

It would be wise to clear up at this point that although telepathic powers can be attained you will need to either be a deep space astronaut, anyone working in an experimental nuclear power plant or somehow find a wizard, alien or creature from another dimension.


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    The first way to get Telepathic powers is also the most expensive. This involves being a deep space astronaut who is actually sent into deep space. Chances are that unless you are in China, Russia or the United States that your nation does not have a space program. In which case we would advise you to move to one of the aforementioned countries to begin pursuing your goal. Once that is done, work extremely hard to get selected for the deep space mission and expose yourself to the radiation there. If you’re lucky, you will have telepathic powers.

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    The second technique involves getting a job at CERN in any capacity and exposing yourself to some of the experiments there. This has a lower chance of gaining the desired powers but it is a cheaper alternative to the first option.

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    The third technique is to find a person or creature from another dimension. Have any of you watched John Travolta’s film, Phenomenon? If yes, then you get the idea, if not then we recommend you watch it in order to realise the third option.

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