Microwaving and Your Health: The Good, the Bad, the Known, and the Unknown

Is Microwaving Good For Your Health?
Because microwaves contain a relatively new kind of technology, conscientious consumers have a lot of questions about how these appliances work, and what kind of effect they have on health. The answers to some issues about microwaves, such as the potential long term ramifications of radiation of the user, are still yet to be determined by further research. However, there are some things about the effects of microwave cooking that are fairly certain.

Microwaving And Nutrients
One of the most frequently debated topics about microwaves and health is whether cooking food in a microwave destroys nutrients and vitamins, or leaves them intact. The answer to this question is great news for health conscious cooks. Science tells us that cooking food in the microwave does not reduce the vitamin content at all. In fact, recent laboratory studies suggest that vegetables cooked in the microwave actually retain more nutritious vitamins and minerals than vegetables cooked in other, more traditional ways.

Why Might Microwaving Make Food More Nutritious?
Food cooked in the microwave heats very quickly. This is because the electron-exciting technology behind microwave ovens accelerates chemical reactions. The speed with which a microwave cooks can help foods keep their nutritional content more fully intact than other methods, like boiling, that provide lower levels of heat for longer periods of time, during which the nutritional content is more likely to break down.

Nutritional Grey Areas And Microwaving
Despite the overall good news, there are still a few grey areas when it comes to microwaves and nutrition. Researchers have discovered that defrosting frozen breast milk in a microwave dramatically influenced its nutritional properties. After being heated in the microwave, breast milk was shown to contain a much lower level of the chemicals that make it a natural immune booster for babies. This information may imply that there is more to cooking in the microwave than meets the eye.

Microwaving And Lifestyle Impact
Although microwaving is not a closed case as far as science is concerned, conclusive evidence shows that when it comes to preparing produce, microwave cooking is an easy, nutritionally viable option. The next time you’re about to boil some carrots, steam some green beans, or sautÃ?© a fresh bell pepper, think about using your microwave instead. Once you see how easy it is to prepare vegetables using a microwave, you will be sure to use it on a regular basis to cook fresh, healthy produce. When vegetables are a snap to prepare, you will be likely to cook them more often, which will help you get all of the vitamins and nutrients you need in your diet. Because microwaves making cooking produce easy, they are great for your health.

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