How to Get the Best Return on Your Blog

Most of the bloggers want to make money from their blog, but it when comes to finding the right tools to do it, a large number of them fail. Running a successful blog and getting good return on it may sound like a pipe-dream, but one can really make a living out of it.

The key is your devotion and smart work. If you cannot devote enough time to blogging, quit it right now, or keep doing it as a hobby. But getting the best return on your blog will take more than just following commonly used techniques for blogging. You need to come up with a strategy that can turn your blog into a full-fledged website capable of engaging visitors.

Tens of thousands of new blogs pop up on the Internet every day, but they lose ground in a matter of weeks because they are void of any substance. And substance in this case is quality content, which is the lifeline of any website/blog. It gets even more crucial for those who maintain a professional team to run their blog. Right strategy at the right time is the key to reaping good results and healthy returns.


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    Boost quality and the number of posts

    This is the first step to making your blog capable of generating income. Quality content and a steady stream of posts that get published on your blog will not get you money automatically, but these factors are crucial when it comes to increasing the traffic.

    For instance, if your blog covers general news, it should get an adequate amount of content each day, which will let Google know that this blog is worth considering for search results. Once you start receiving good traffic, you should look to further strategies.

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    Get your hands on Google AdSense

    Google AdSense is the most effective and easiest way to start generating money. But still, it cannot get you quick bucks. It takes patience and a lot of time.

    Google AdSense will pay you on a click basis (CPC). Under this program, you will get ads on your blog for relevant articles. Bear in mind, CPC or CPM — which pays on the basis of total impression — cannot help you start earning a considerable income unless your blog starts getting good traffic. The more the traffic, the more ads your blog gets, hence more clicks.

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    Get direct ads

    Give advertisers a space on your blog. Again, advertisers will first assess the traffic/visits to your blog before deciding to get a space to place their ads.

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