Get to O2 Arena in London

If you want to enjoy an event you will remember forever, all roads lead to the O2 arena in London. By now we are assuming you have already booked tickets for your favorite event and are just finalizing your transport options.

This guide will help you get to the London O2 by public transport such as tube (train), Docklands Light Railway or even by bus. We will provide full details as to what train to take, what station to get off at and even how to get there by National Rail and Eurostar.

Without further delay, scroll down and get ready for your trip to one of the most amazing arenas in the world.

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    Getting to O2 arena in London by Tube
    If you have decided to take the train to get to the O2 Arena, you have selected one of the best ways. Traveling anywhere in London by tube is often the fastest and most cost effective way. The City of London has done a great job of offering convenient public transport options.

    1. O2 arena is located in Zone 2 of the London Underground system.
    2. Tube (train) that gets to O2 is the Jubilee Line.
    3. O2 Arena is connected to the North Greenwich Underground station.
    4. It’s a short walk from the station to the O2 arena (about 200m).
    5. O2 to Canary Wharf takes only 5 minutes.
    6. O2 to London Bridge or Stratford takes 10 minutes.
    7. O2 to Waterloo takes 15 minutes.

    By luck or by some very good planning, the train that goes to O2 arena is  on the Jubilee line, which is the only Underground route that connects with all others. This makes it very easy for people to take any train in London and connect to the Jubilee line. Moreover, this allows anyone from anywhere in the UK to travel on the National Rail and connect with the line.

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    Getting to O2 in London By Bus

    London is known for its characteristic red buses and you cannot travel even for 5 minutes without seeing one. The availability of buses is also part of the city's planning to promote the use of public transport.

    There are so many choices for traveling to O2 by bus as there are Eight TfL bus routes that operate in the area.  To cater to those who will be staying late, there are three 24-hour bus services from O2 arena.

    Although the buses from O2 travel to many destinations in London, here are some destinations you may be able to recall:  Stratford, Charlton, Greenwich, Lewisham, Woolwich, Eltham, North Kent and Central London.

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    Getting to O2 Arena in London By Docklands Light Railway

    Depending on where you are coming from, O2 is only one stop away from the Jubilee line from Canary Wharf or Canning Town.

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    By National Rail

    National Rail comes to Charlton mainline station and O2 is near the North Greenwich underground station. To go to Charlton mainline station  from O2 you take bus number 486, 472 or 161 from North Greenwich underground station. All three of these buses start their route from North Greenwich station, which makes is easy to simply hop on any of the buses without confusion as to which direction to go.

    If you are at the Charlton train station, you will need to turn left out of the station and catch  bus number 486, 472 or N472 to North Greenwich underground station.  It will normally take only 10 minutes to reach the front door of The O2 arena in London. To find out more about the Southeastern Railway please click here: Southeastern Railway.

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    By Eurostar
    Eurostart comes to the St. Pancras station.

    1. From St. Pancras you will take the Northern Line to one of the most famous tourist attractions “London Bridge”.
    2. From London Bridge you can then take the Jubilee Line,
    3. Get off at North Greenwich Tube Station, which is the station for O2 arena.

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