How to Get Uzbekistan Tourist Visit Visa from London

Uzbekistan is one of the most beautiful states located in Central Asia. The country has got numerous attractions for the foreigners due to its rich history, unmatchable views and exemplary hospitality. The country is full of natural scenes which have been attracting the visitors from across the globe every year. If you want to travel to the state, you will be required to have a legitimate passport and other documents. You will need to fill a form which can be downloaded from the official website of Uzbek Embassy in London. Here is the complete procedure which one can easily get the visiting visa of Uzbekistan.

Visit: Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan


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    Get application form

    First of all you will be required to obtain an application form for the visit visa of Uzbekistan, which can be received from their embassy or it can be downloaded from the official website of Uzbek high commission in London. To download the application form click here

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    Requirements of visa

    There are few requirements of the visa which should be produced at the time you apply for it.
    a)      If you are invited by some friend or family member to visit Uzbekistan, produce letter of invitation. However, citizens of these countries don’t fall in this category: Great Britain, USA, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Spain and Switzerland.
    b)      Duly completed two copies of visa application
    c)       Two copies of recent photographs
    d)      One blank page on the passport
    e)      Incomplete applications are not accepted and a personal interview is also required in this regard.

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    Charges of visa

    Here is the detail of visit visa charges as per stay in Uzbekistan

    a) up to 7 days 43 GBP
    b) up to 15 days50 GBP
    c) up to 30 day 57 GBP
    d) up to 3 months 71 GBP

    For UK citizens fee for all types of visas 100 GBP, fee for urgent visa is 150 GBP.
    If you apply for tourist visa in a group it will cost you 11 GBP  per person + service charge and 14 GBP  per group for 15 days stay. Whereas for the stay up to 30 days it will cost18 GBP  per person + service charge - 14 GBP  per group.

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    Where to submit application and fee

    The payment is required to be made at Barclays Bank via a credit slip which is issued by the Consular Section of the Embassy or by providing of postal order payable to The Embassy of Uzbekistan.You can submit visa application online, by post or via visiting the office in person on following addresses.

    Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan

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    Processing time

    The processing time for the issuance of visit visa takes up to 10 days.

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    Receive Visa

    After completion of processing time you can receive your visa from the embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan during the working hours.

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