How to Get your Kids to Eat Broccoli

Broccoli is a power pack of many useful elements, including Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Fiber and Calcium etc. This healthy veggie helps in dealing with many health issues. However, Kids do not understand its benefits and do not take time in wrinkling their nose once they notice broccoli in the menu. Parents want their kids to try broccoli but find it difficult to force them as it is not the appropriate way. Anyhow, there are numerous ways to make broccoli interesting for your kids, making them eat it.


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    Convince your Kids

    Get some time to sit with your kids and try to let them know about the benefits of broccoli during a general and friendly conversation. For Example, quote some examples of healthy, strong and well-grown people around them and said that they eat broccoli and that is the reason why they are so fit. Moreover, convince them by promising that if they eat broccoli next time, you will make sure to cook his or her favourite food for them.

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    Add Broccoli to your Kids' Favourite Dish

    Another idea to get your kids to eat broccoli is, add it to their favourite food items. For Example, cut broccoli into very fine slices and add it to their favourite dishes. You can easily add broccoli to pizza, noodles, spaghetti, omelet, and vegetable fried rice etc. However, make sure that the broccoli slices are small and not noticeable.

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    Use Broccoli in the Garnishing of your Kids' Favourite Dishes

    Now if you think that the addition of broccoli to your kids favourite dishes is not going to work for you as they can run away, simply use it in the garnishing. For Example, you can make a cute smiley face on the top of their favourite dishes, using broccoli slices. You can think of some more creative ideas to garnish the dishes. However, make sure not to over-garnish the dishes.

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    Add Some Flavour to the Broccoli Dishes

    Adding some zest to the raw or cooked broccoli is another superb idea to get your kids to try this nutritious veggie. One of the main reasons why kids run away from broccoli is its plain flavour. Therefore, add your Kids'  favourite  flavours to the broccoli and enjoy them eating broccoli dish. You can consider ranch dressing, mozzarella dressing, and Velveeta cheese dressing etc to top the broccoli dishes.

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