Atlanta’s Top Three Ethnic Food Markets

Looking for something new for dinner tonight? If you’re in Atlanta, you may be in luck. There are a number of markets in the city that sell specialty foods that you and your family may want to try, as well as traditional favorites that everyone likes.

If you don’t quite know what you’re in the mood for, you may want to check out a food market that has a little bit of everything-like the Whole Foods Market. The market includes fresh produce, fresh cut meat and fish, and a buffet for you to purchase hot food. There are foods from all over, from authentic Mexican Chiles to variations of lentils from India, and the market also includes a buffet-style olive bar, so you can add the finishing touches to any salad or Italian meal. There are even ‘health conscious’ varieties of common favorites, like organic French fries, soy ice cream, and whole grain pasta. The Whole Foods Market is a great place to shop, whether you’re looking to do your grocery shopping for the week, or just want to pick up some specialty items for a meal or two.

If you’re in the mood for Asian food, check out Gwinnett County, Georgia, which is about 30 miles northeast of Atlanta. You’ll find five large Korean grocery stores in the area, which also carry authentic Mexican and traditional American fare. The cluster of Korean stores in Gwinnett County on Buford Highway, known as Koreatown, also features offices, gift shops, and businesses catering to Koreans, so you’ll have no trouble getting recipe ideas for the Asian groceries you’ve purchased. You’ll find everything from kimchi, a spicy cabbage dish, to sambok, a spicy chicken dish traditionally in the summer to give individuals more stamina, seasoned with ginger and garlic.

Authentic Mexican food isn’t hard to find in Atlanta, either. To try a few Mexican dishes at home, you could check out the local grocery stores, like Publix or Kroger, since their Mexican food section is pretty impressive. However, stores like La Tienda in northern Atlanta, and butcher shops (La Carcinera) all around the Atlanta area will provide you with choice cuts of meat for homemade fajitas, fresh fish for habichuelas, and even fresh baked tortillas.

For more information on how to find great ethnic food markets in the Atlanta area, check out sites like,, and After all, who needs to eat out all the time, when you create quality food right in your own kitchen? Happy cooking!

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