How to Grow Pole Beans With Corn

If you are planning to grow corn and pole beans together, you are actually trying nothing new. Especially the Native Americans have been growing corn, pole beans and pumpkins together for ages. And they have named this combination as ‘three sisters’.

Growing corn and pole beans together is not that hard. The main idea is using the corn stalks as a trellis for the beans. Consequently, you force the bean plant to grow up all around each corn stalk.

Planting these two corps together is quite useful. It not only saves time and space, but also eliminates the need of special fence designed to support the pole beans.

There are a few disadvantages as well. A lot of experts believe that this technique actually weakens both corps. So, prepare yourself for the possible difficulties before making any move.

Things Required:

– Corn plants
– Pole bean plants
– Soft string or pantyhose (optional)


  • 1

    Growing corn and pole beans together does not mean that you plant them at the same time. You are required to plant your corn a few weeks earlier than the pole beans. This technique help the bean plants rise up the corn stalk.

    And if you have not planted the corns well before the beans, there would be no stalk for the pole beans to climb. Let the corn stalks rise to a few inches before planting the corn, so that the corn always stays slightly ahead.

  • 2

    You cannot relax after planting the two corps, as they have to be observed regularly. As the pole beans grow, you are required to train them around the corn stalk.

    It should be done very gently; otherwise, you may crack the branches of the plant. Each bean plant should properly be wrapped around the corn stalk.

    In case the plants refuse to wind around the corn, you can use a cotton thread to tie them up. Do it gently though, so the vines don’t crush.

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    Watering the plants on regularly basis is another crucial step. Since you are growing two corps at the same time, you need to water them more often.

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    Monitor your plants on constant basis. The bean plants should be trained every few days, so they stay around the corn stalk. Harvest your plants regularly, once the bean pods start appearing.

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