How to Have the Best Body and Looks

Almost everyone in this world has desire to look fit and attractive as it makes easy for you to find a way to heart of the people around you. Some might get that lucky to have the perfectly toned body naturally but most of the people have to sweat hard.

Apparently, it is an uphill task to get into shape but in reality it’s all about setting your priorities and changing your life style. You do not have to be a model to look like one but you must have to show commitment to build up yourself.

By doing some little changes in eating, sleeping and working routines, anyone can have the best body and looks to become centre of attraction.


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    No Pain, No Gain:

    Irregular eating, sleeping and working habits can result into a d-shaped body so you must bring all these things under a schedule. In the beginning, it will be bit difficult for you to surrender your freedom but ultimately it will yield amazing results.

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    Make Exercise a Ritual:

    Remember, you will have to lose the extra to gain what you do not have. Your body is your temple so make exercise a daily ritual to keep it in best condition. You should start with simple exercises that include stretching, push ups, chin ups and jogging. After couple of weeks you can move forward to bit complex exercises for your upper and lower body.

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    Pick a Sport:

    If you have a particular body shape in your mind, just think which sport will help you to gain that kind of body. For instance, swimming leads you to strong arms and legs, hammer throw enhances your upper body strength. You may consult a fitness trainer or coach in this regard.

  • 4

    Eat Healthy:

    Make a list of your daily meals. Check what are you eating and what is missing in your food. You should make a chart of balanced diet which comprises all the nutrition elements. Moreover, avoid eating in inappropriate timings rather just confine yourself to breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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    Suitable Attire:

    You should wear comfortable, suitable and decent outfits to look confident and beautiful. Do not follow blindly rather make your own statement.

  • 6

    Feel Beautiful:

    Mental approach is very important to have the best body and looks. Appreciate yourself, be positive and feel beautiful from inside. See the beauty in nature and it will reflect on your body.

  • 7

    Be Consistent:

    Do not lose this routine as it will take a while. All you need is to be consistent and follow this routine regularly.

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