How to Help Employees Manage Stress

All working environments are stressful, given the demanding and competitive nature of the world economy. The stress certainly takes its toll on the employees of any organization, all of whom are working tirelessly hard in hopes of climbing up the business ladder. In this scenario, it has become important for managers to take steps which allow employees to work at their maximum potential by being enthusiastic and determined rather than becoming prone to carelessness and negligence due to the extensive workload.


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    Don’t overburden your employees with expectation. Everyone has their own limitations and it is important that you trust your employees to deliver to the best of their abilities. Keep the stress to an acceptable level, depending on the productivity of the work.

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    Give your employees freedom on how they must carry out all work related activities. Constant bugging will only make matters worse. Give them advice where it is necessary rather than breathing over their shoulders every now and then. You must been prepared to hear their side of the story such as network problems or logistic difficulties.

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    Giving them flexible hours may be an option, depending on the nature of the work. It is not necessary that every staff member remains in the office for the usual shift. Give them adequate time off and encourage them to take planned leaves which do not effect overall productivity.

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    Make sure that you practice business etiquettes yourself. Ensure that all office equipment such as computers, air conditioners, TVs etc is working fine, while the furniture is comfortable. Apart from that, take time to schedule recreational events which allow employees time to relax and speak about their concerns and problems.

    Treat everyone fairly by rewarding them with bonuses, or special awards so that everyone feels appreciated and valued.  Create an environment where everyone feels relaxed and comfortable. Even when the going gets tough, maintain a sense of humour by looking at the bigger picture. Holding your end of the bargain will go a long way in decreasing the stress faced by your employees.

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    Give your employees assurance through your own actions.  Being a workaholic yourself does not necessarily mean that your employees will also follow suit. Just allow them to do their work on their own terms and value their expertise and knowledge. Create a sense of mutual respect, where you are willing to learn from them as well.

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