How to Help Someone Deal with Grief

Whenever a loved one of a close friend dies, usually it so happens that we are left clueless as what to do and how to go about consoling our friend. We might say or do something that will further aggravate the situation. There are just a few pointers that you have to keep in mind when interacting with a person in grief. They will not only help you strengthen your bond with the person but will also help the individual in getting through the tough time.

Grief is such an emotion that is uncontrollable. The sorrow that comes with the demise of a loved one is so great that it makes a numerous changes in your personality.

Even if you have gone through the same emotions before, it is different for everybody. It all depends on your personality and how close you place the deceased loved one to your heart. For the faint hearted, the emotions are highlighted. They can lose control if not dealt with, appropriately.


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    Do not leave the person in grief, stranded and left out. Stay close to individual and always take the initiative. Tell the person that you will call or get back to him/her. Do not tell the individual to call you because that will create doubt in his/her mind over your intention even though your intentions are at the right place. If the person in grief calls you, make sure that you are there for him/her. A person in grief has a highly negative outlook towards life, if you have gone through it, you will understand this fact. Make sure that you are there to comfort your friend.

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    If you do not know exactly what to say, then the best thing you can do is to stay silent and just listen to your friend in grief. Sometimes listening to somebody is the best solution. Listen to what your friend has to say, keep on nodding and encourage him/her to have his/her say to the matter. Let your friend let out all that’s he/she has kept inside of him/her. This way he/she will feel light hearted and feel better.

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    Never relate your experiences with what your friend is going through. No matter what experiences you have had you still do not know exactly what the person in grief is going through. This is the reason why you should avoid using clichés. Not only clichés are annoying, they are meaningless to someone who is going through a loss of a loved one.

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