How to Help Your Wife when She is Depressed

Depression is a very ugly thing that can make life seem worthless and strip a person of hope. If it is allowed to prevail, it can even drive a person to escape the sorry state that they are in by committing suicide.

Watching a loved one struggle with depression can be really hard. If this loved one is your wife, the pain becomes even more. You obviously want to help her deal with depression and come out of it as soon as possible. Fortunately, you can do this effectively, though it will require patience, commitment and a lot of love.


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    Before you can start helping your wife deal with depression, you need to become aware of her depression. This can be done by recognising the symptoms of depression, if any, in your wife. There are plenty of symptoms that can help you to become aware of your wife’s depression, which include irritability, drop in self-esteem, sadness prevailing for more than a couple of weeks, abnormal eating habits, change in weight, struggling to make decisions and concentrate on things, fatigue and in extreme cases thoughts of suicide.

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    If your wife shows one of more symptom of depression, react to it immediately by encouraging her to talk to a psychiatrist. Do not expect her to agree easily to this. However, make her understand that there is no shame in admitting that she is suffering from depression. Acceptance is the first step to recovery.

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    If your wife agrees to visit a health professional such as a psychiatrist, accompany her to lend her moral support.

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    You cannot expect yourself to successfully help your wife step out of depression unless you educate yourself about depression, its effects and possible treatments. There are a lot of resources available on the Internet for you to easily educate yourself on this topic.

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    Talk to your spouse and encourage her to open up to you about whatever is causing her depression. There is always some factor, or number of factors that trigger depression. Your wife may begin to feel a bit lighter once she reveals whatever it is that has made her depressed. Do not interfere while she is talking, though be sure to become an active listener instead of a passive one.

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    Support your wife as she goes through the recovery process. Be careful not to share any bad news with her, or vent your frustration or anger in front of her, as it may push her deeper into depression.

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