How to Hold a Deck of Playing Cards While Dealing

Playing cards, or any card related game is something that people have done for numerous years. Playing card games has gone on to evolve a lot over the years, with more and more people looking to get in on the act. However, despite all of that, the card games have remained just as popular as they previously were.

When playing cards, there is always one person who is the dealer if you are playing amongst friends, or if you are playing in a casino, then you have a designated dealer assigned to you.

The important thing to remember while dealing, is that most people will be trying to cheat and look at the cards before they are dealt, or to look at the cards that the others get. Now you can’t let this happen, which is why as dealer, you need to be very careful when holding the deck of cards.


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    Before you think about dealing cards, you need to practise to hold them so that you can distribute them properly. Initially, holding so many cards might prove to be a challenge for you, this is why the first thing that you need to do, is to learn how to hold a complete deck of cards in your hands. Practise this till you get good at it.

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    Once you have gone on to master that, learn to hold cards in front of other people. This is essential for you to learn how to perform when you really need to do. Remember to hold the deck so that the numbers are face down and can’t be seen by anyone.

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    Try making the cards face inwards and downwards, as far away from the participants faces, so that they can’t sneak a peek in, even if they really tried to do so.

    Now if you are also a participating member, you need to hold the cards below your stomach level with them facing completely downwards. This way, there is no way that you can see them, or can end up accidentally glancing at someone else’s cards.

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    Learn to deal the cards from a holding position, but while doing so, remember to slide one card off the top at a time, so that it comes off easily and can be placed in front of all the players, with no one managing to steal a peek.

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