How to Hook Up a Third TV for DIRECTV

Since 1994, DIRECTV has been transmitting digital satellite TV to homes across the US. Other than the US, DIRECTV transmits television to Ibero-America, and the Anglophone Caribbean. If you are one of DIRECTV customers, you may be looking forward to hooking up a third TV to DIRECTV. The two possible ways to accomplish this are to hook up the third TV using a new receiver or to hook up the third TV to an existing receiver. Here is what you need to know before you actually go ahead and try any of these methods.


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    Decide if you would like to hook the third TV to an existing receiver or do you want to set up a new receiver first. What you need to know is that if you hook up the third TV using an existing receiver, both TVs connected to that receiver will always show the same transmission. Also, if you plan to set up a new receiver first, your DIRECTV dish needs to have more than two hooks up. Keeping these things in mind, decide how you want to hook up the third TV.

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    If you decide to set up a new receiver, send for it and wait until the receiver is delivered.

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    Run a coax cable all the way from the TV that you want to hook up to the DIRECTV satellite dish. Make connection between the new receiver’s input port and the coax.

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    Run a shorter coax from the receiver’s output port to the third TV’s input and make connections. Turn on the TV and set it to Channel 3.

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    On you TV’s remote; press the ‘Action’ button followed by the ‘Guide’ button. Click the ‘Set Up’ button from the screen to which you get redirected. After ‘Set Up’ choose ‘Installation’. This screen displays that signal strength which must be more than 80 for the TV to display all the channels.

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    If the signal strength is less than 80 or the signal gets lost altogether, you will need to reposition the dish until the signal strength becomes appropriate.

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    In case you decide to hook up the third TV using an existing receiver, you will need a splitter box and coax. Run the coax from the receiver to the TV through a splitter box and make the necessary connections.

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