How to Troubleshoot Hot Water Boilers

Most people only realize the importance of their hot water boiler when something is wrong with it, especially during winters; however, given how durable they are, that does not happen too often. Regular maintenance of a water boiler will ultimately save the owner a lot of time and money, especially if it is performed ahead of the winter season, when it is used the most.

If a water boiler does break down, repairs can end up costing a lot if you call someone in to fix it. While major repairs are usually complicated, using the steps in this article can save you time and money if your boiler does not need professional repairing.


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    Circuit Breaker

    Circuit breakers play an important role, especially if the water boiler is electric instead of a natural gas heated model. Most of the time, a circuit break does what it is supposed to and blows its own fuse to keep a high voltage of electricity from reaching the water boiler and causing further damage.

    If the circuit breaker has tripped or if a fuse has blown, replacing it should solve your problem.

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    Most commonly people fail to read the thermostat on their boilers properly. Make sure you turn it around and adjust it to see if the boiler works properly. Normally for a water boiler to perform up to expectations, the thermostat should be moved to ‘Heat’ and nothing above or below that. This is also the most economical setting to save electricity or gas usage.

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    All water boilers have a system of igniting the flame, which then heats up the water. One of the most common problems is that people are unable to light up the flame, which usually means there is a problem in the pilot or electric ignition. When a water boiler is not used for some time, dirt can accumulate on the pilot and proper cleaning can fix it.

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    Gas Pressure

    If you are using a hot water boiler that runs on gas, checking the pressure of natural gas is a good idea if the flame is still not hot enough for the water to be heated properly. If the issue persists, you will need to call someone in to fix your gas pressure.

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