How to Split a Cable TV Line

Most of the times, there is only one TV cable coming to your home from your nearest hub. However, what can you do if you have two television sets in the house? The answer to this question is pretty simple – use a splitter to split the TV cable line. The task is easy, does not require advanced skills with electronic equipment and takes only about five minutes to complete, as long as the cable is easily accessible.

Things Required:

– Two or three-way splitter


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    Determine the type of splitter you will need for the job so that you can buy the right one. If you need to connect only two TVs in the house, a two-way splitter, which has one in and two outs, will work fine.

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    Decide the position of the splitter in such a way that it is as close as possible to the line coming into your house and as far away from the TVs as possible. This will help keep the level of interference under control, which means you will get better picture quality on both of the TVs.

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    Consider contacting a representative of the cable company for a splitter recommendation. In case splitting the cable is allowed by the company, there are chances that the representative who comes for the installation will be able to perform the cable splitting process for you without any extra charges. If that does not happen, you would at least be able to get advice from the representative as to which splitter you should use and where to install it.

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    Go to your local electronics store and purchase a two-way splitter. Make sure that output frequency of the splitter you choose is at least 1 GHz. Even though a low quality splitter would cost you less, a relatively large amount of interference would occur with it, resulting in signal loss.

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    If you are using a three-way splitter, be sure to split the line at different places so that the Internet signal has enough strength to work properly. Installing a three-way splitter is trickier and more technical than installing a two-way splitter. For this reason, it would be best if the cable company does it for you instead of you doing it yourself.

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