How to Replace Fuses on the Outdoor Unit of a Heat Pump

If your outdoor heat pump has all of a sudden stopped blowing cool or warm air, then it can be due to a faulty fuse.

Heat pumps are a great way to maintain a particular room temperature in extreme hot or cold weather. Therefore, if your heat pump’s fuse becomes faulty, you should replace it instantly, before you and your family members start getting affected by the extreme weather conditions.

In order to replace your outdoor heat pump’s fuse, you do not need to call a professional. In fact, you can do it yourself, provided that you have the right tools, which can save you handsome amount of money.


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    First of all, you need to locate your outdoor heat pump’s electrical panel, which you can find right next to the heat pump. Usually, it is a small box with wires going into it.

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    Open the electrical panel. For that purpose, you will have to press the clip, or loosen the screw, depending on the type of electrical panel installed with your heat pump.

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    Once the electrical panel is open, you should look for the fuses, also known as circuit breakers. If they are turned off, you just need to turn them on and check if the heat pump starts blowing warm or cold air.

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    If the circuit breaker is turned on and the heat pump is not working, then you should try resetting it. For that purpose, just turn the fuse off, and wait for few seconds. Turn the fuse back on and check if the heat pump starts working properly.

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    If your heat pump still does not work, then you should think about replacing the fuse installed in the electrical panel with a new one. You can press the locks at the side of the fuse and pull it out of the panel.

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    Now take the faulty fuse to a nearby electrical store and show the fuse to the storekeeper. He will then provide you with a new similar fuse, which you can fix in your heat pump’s electrical panel.

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    Open your heat pump’s electrical panel and place the fuse in the same direction as you seen the old one. Press the fuse to fix it in place. You can now turn on your heat pump and it will start blowing cool or warm air, according to the temperature you set.

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