How to Hook your Digital Camera to your Television

You may have hundreds or even thousands of pictures in your digital camera. You may want to study the pictures more closely on a large screen so that you can choose the pictures which you want developed. The best way to accomplish this is to hook up your digital camera to your television. This way, you can not choose a limited number of pictures but you can also share the pictures in digital form with your friends or relatives.

Things Required:

– Output cable included with camera purchase
– Camera manual (optional)


  • 1

    Start by locating the TV output port of the digital camera. This is the port which the camera uses to make a connection with the television screen. The port may be labelled ‘AV Out’ or ‘Video Out’. You may have to refer to the instructions manual that came along with the camera if you are unable to locate the TV output port.

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    Power off the camera and connect the TV out cable that came along with the camera. Make sure that you insert the correct cable end into the camera’s TV output port. The cable end with a single connector is the correct one.

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    Power off the television and attach the other end of the output cable to the television. The end which is to be inserted attached to the television screen may have two RCA connectors; yellow coloured video connector and black coloured mono sound connector. Plug the yellow RCA connector into the television’s yellow (Video In) port and the black RCA connector into the television’s white (Audio In) port if your television has mono sound.

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    Apart from the yellow and black RCA connectors, the output cable may have a red and white connector. Plug these connectors into the appropriate ports on you television if applicable.

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    Turn on the television and the digital camera as well. From your television’s remote control, press the ‘AV’ or ‘TV/Video’ button. This will switch your television to video mode. At this point, you will be able to see the pictures stores on the memory card of you digital camera on the television screen.

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    In order to browse through pictures, make use of the navigation buttons on the digital camera. You can also switch between different albums.

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