How to Improve Basketball Handling With Ball Slaps

One of the most important factors in any professional sport is handling. However, most of us do not give much importance to it and focus on other things, which are not even necessary.

If you are able to handle things in a better way, it means that you have learnt the sport and just need practice to get better. It does take time to become a good handler, but it is not an impossible task to achieve.

When you are playing cricket, it is important to control the ball, if you are a bowler. When a new-ball bowler starts off the proceedings, he gets some swing in the air. If he fails to handle it, he will be wayward and end up bowling a lot of wide and no-balls.

Similarly, a batsman needs to handle his shots properly otherwise he will lose his wicket to any bowler. Another important department in cricket is fielding and the fielder needs to control the ball whenever it comes towards him.

One of the most followed sports worldwide is football. The players involved in it, need a lot of control otherwise they cannot run with the ball. Similarly, athletes in field hockey have to follow the same things to become successful.

Another popular sport, Formula 1, is also followed by billions of people across the globe and the professionals involved in it know the importance of handling their cars. If they are unable to do that, they will end up hitting into the barriers.

Therefore, no one can deny the importance of proper control and handling in sports. Just like all of the other popular games, basketball also demands the same level of command over the ball. If the players fail to do that, they will be unable to score more baskets than their rivals.

Although other sports have several ways of controlling things, basketball players can improve their handling through ‘Ball Slaps.’ It is not a difficult exercise and will allow you to become a better competitor.


  • 1

    Grab the ball in both hands

    Firstly, get the feel of the ball with both hands. It is important that you make a connection to it before you start playing.

  • 2

    Hold the ball in one hand and slap from the other

    Next thing is to grab the ball in one hand and slap it with the other. You have to do this exercise with the help of both hands.

  • 3

    Practice this activity daily

    This activity will help you handle the ball well, so it is important to practice it regularly.

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