How to Improve Your Thinking Skills

To say that a good thinking ability is the key to a successful life would be an understatement. It is much more than that. Thinking ability massively improves your mental health and allows a person to be intuitive, alert and socially aware all the time. Just as our bodies need physical exercise to maintain shape; our brains need to think to be active.


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    Indulge in breathing exercises and meditate

    It may come as a surprise to you, but there are some breathing exercises which go a long way in activating your brain. One example of that is an exercise in which you breathe from your belly. Meditation also helps a lot. One of the easiest methods to meditate is to sit in a comfortable posture, close the eyes, and listen to a random noise to which you are not emotionally associated for about 10 minutes.

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    Play strategic and number games

    Playing a lot of strategic games (chess) and number games (Sudoku) can also broaden your thinking power. These games, plus word games like scrabble and crosswords, make a person stretch his/her thinking ability. This will also help increasing your grasp on vocabulary and mathematics.

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    Use chewing gums

    The act of excessively chewing on something like a chewing gum greatly increases the blood flow in the brain. What is does is to stimulate your mind and you can concentrate easily.

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    Try some physical exercises

    We now know that increasing rate of blood flow in the brain will increase your thinking power. That flow will only increase once your heart is pumping more blood. So we need exercises that increase the heart rate. Having said that care should be taken that these exercises do not result in a lot of fatigue, because then thinking goes out of equation. One good exercise is to move your arms in a circular motion.

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    Do eye exercises

    One of the biggest hindrances towards thinking clearly is the heaviness in eyes. You need to be relaxed for thinking effectively and some simple eye exercises can be of big help in this regard. Just move your eyes in a circular motion, and stop every now and then for 6 seconds in a particular position.

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    Drink a lot of water

    Brain power gets affected when there aren’t enough fluids in the body. The consumption of a lot of water is therefore recommended to enhance the thinking ability.

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