How to Incorporate Literature Circles

The assimilation of literature circles has turned out to be an effective teaching method in recent years. These groups provide all the students an opportunity to see literary things from their own angle. Moreover, it also gives them a chance to study without the supervision of teacher which means they can study in more casual manner and enjoy this reading practice.

This technique of making literature circles allows them to discuss everything freely which ultimately enhances their understanding. However, this can also confine them just in their area of interest and they can be disassociated from other students.

Here comes the requirement of incorporation of these literature circles as it will make this education practice a joint effort. Though, it can be difficult but you can do this easily by keeping couple of important things in your mind.


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    Talk to them before selecting literature as it should of their choice. They are supposed to work independently so give them something interesting. However, make sure that your assignment is discussion oriented which can engage every member of the group.

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    You should formulate these groups yourself as the student might make large groups which will harm the purpose of these literature circles. It is better to make group comprising not more than five students as some of them will not participate actively in case of large groups.

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    Assign them roles and define their responsibilities in the group. For example, you can make a student the moderator who will lead the discussion. There will be a person responsible for vocabulary improvement. Similarly, others will also do some important things like selecting passages from the story, checking the information and suggesting new topics of discussion.
    Sometimes, you need to make worksheets to keep them on track and accountable but if they are responsible enough to handle everything then you better let them work independently.

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    Making literature circles and allow them to study independently does not mean that you have no concerns rather you should help them if they are facing any problem. It can be difficult for them to adjust with different psyche and mental level. In such situations, you should monitor their routine and come forward in case of any trouble.

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    In the end, you will have to arrange group meetings. Let them share their point of view with others and evaluate their colleagues findings. You may need to arrange more than one meeting to cover all aspects of that piece of literature.

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