How to Increase Sales on Facebook

Facebook is one of the major online social networking sites, with millions of users all around the world. It allows its users to communicate to their families, friends and colleagues in a very simple but effective manner. People can not only chat to their loved ones in private on Facebook but they can also use this medium as a tool of expressing themselves in front of a huge audience.

Over the years, with latest innovations coming into businesses, people have started to use the online social networking sites as a tool to sell their products and increase sales. Almost all the major companies around the world have their official pages on Facebook, which allows them to advertise their latest products and retain their existing customers/consumers.


  • 1

    Official page

    Once/if you have a profile on Facebook, you can always create different pages. Make an official page of your company and put all the information on that page, which is necessary for customers.

  • 2

    Page image/logo

    A display picture on a Facebook page is one of the most important things. In most cases, the main image of a page is even more important than the name, as users do get attracted by the pictures more than words. Preferably, you should have your company’s logo as the main image of the page.

  • 3

    Be credible

    Being credible is crucial on social networking as there are many scams out there and it can be difficult for customers to trust on a new company. For increasing sales, trust plays a major role.

  • 4

    Advertise your page

    Upon completing your page, the next step is to market it and share with your Facebook friends persuasively.  Share your page on your Facebook wall and ask your friends to do the same as well.

  • 5

    Share the URL

    Share the link of your page on different forums. One of the better ways to do so is to put it under your email signature, which will urge more and more people to visit your Facebook page.

  • 6

    Invite friends

    Send invitations to your friends on Facebook to like the page and share with their friends as well. This will help you make a huge network of people liking your page, naturally increasing sales.

  • 7

    Share updates

    Keep updating about the products on your page, which will keep the users interested. If you do not use your page regularly, it will have an adverse effect on the sales.

  • 8

    Special offers

    You must offer special discounts or deals for the customers who order through Facebook.

  • 9


    In order to increase your sales, you must give good services to the customers. People, who order online, want the product to be delivered to their homes.

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