How to Make Money as a YouTube Partner

In addition to using a YouTube video as a means of creative expression, or for the dissemination of information, you can also use your videos to earn money by becoming a YouTube partner. This will allow the website to post ads on your videos, and offer you a share of the revenue every time a viewer clicks on one of these ads. So if you are looking to earn back for the hard work you put into your videos, start making some money by signing up as a YouTube partner.


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    The first step is to create a creative and original video, which is not copyrighted – everything in the video, including the music, should be owned solely by you. Make sure the video serves a purpose – i.e. it must be useful, entertaining, or informative, etc – the more views you get, the more money you can make. Finally, make sure the video conforms to YouTube's Community Guidelines and Terms of Service.

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    Once you have filmed and edited the video, it is time to start cashing in by becoming a YouTube partner. Firstly, make sure you have a YouTube account. Then, visit YouTube's Partner Program web page (accessible through the main YouTube website), and click on ‘Get Started’.

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    If the website requests your YouTube login details, provide these, and then in order to enable the monetisation of your account, click on ‘Enable my Account’. Agree to the YouTube Monetisation Agreement by checking all the boxes, and finally click on ‘I Accept’.

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    The website will now direct you to your YouTube Video Manager page. Here, select the ‘Upload’ option, and then click on ‘Select Files from Your Computer’. Before you begin this though, make sure your privacy settings are set to ‘Public’.

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    Use the file browser to locate the video you made, and click on this to select it. Now, enter in a catchy title for the video, followed by a description, and tags (keywords). Give this an ample amount of thought and effort, as an intriguing title, well-worded description, and accurate keywords can boost your video views tremendously.

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    Once the video has been uploaded, click on the tab titled ‘Monetisation’, and check mark the box next to the option ‘Monetise My Video’. A message will pop up, read this and click on ‘I Got It’. You can now choose the sort of ads you want displayed on your video – these can be Overlay ads (ads that pop up during your video), or TrueView ads (played before your video begins). You can also choose whether you want the video to be available only on platforms that display ads, or whether it can be shown everywhere – the latter is generally a better option.

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    After this is done, link it up with your AdSense account. Do this by going to YouTube’s AdSense Connection web page, clicking on ‘Use an Existing AdSense Account’, and then clicking ‘Next’. You will now need to open up the email address you used to create your AdSense account, which should now contain an email from Google. Open it and click on the link it contains.

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    The link will open up a window where you will need to click on ‘Yes, Allow to Access My Account’, and then select ‘Submit Information’. Your video is now set up to earn money – all it needs now are as many viewers as possible, to increase the likelihood of people clicking on the ads. Promote your video to attract viewers by using sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

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