How to Install a U-Haul Trailer Hitch

If you are planning on moving, you will need to install a U-Haul trailer hitch on your vehicle before you can use any of U-Haul’s moving equipment. Getting a U-Haul trailer hitch install at an auto workshop can be expensive which is why you should consider doing this task yourself. Fortunately, installing a U-Haul hitch trailer is a fairly simple task and should not take more than a few hours. Here is what you will need to install a U-Haul trailer hitch.

Things Required:

– U-Haul trailer hitch kit
– Drill
– Jack
– Permanent marker
– C-clamps
– Socket set
– Torque wrench


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    Go to the official U-Haul website in order to find out which U-Haul trailer hitch will be appropriate for your vehicle. You will need to know the year your vehicle was manufactured, make and model of your vehicle where you be installing the hitch. Once you have chosen the options that best describe your vehicle, click the ‘Find’ Hitches’ button. Choose a trailer hitch from the list that appear and order it to be shipped to your location.

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    When you have received the trailer hitch from U-haul, it is time to install it. Raise your vehicle with a jack. Just to be sure that the vehicle will not slide off the jack while you are working underneath, use jack stands. Make sure that there is enough room underneath the vehicle for you to work comfortably.

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    Thoroughly read the instruction’s manual that came along with the hitch trailer and follow the guidelines written therein to pre-assembled the hitch. After you have assembled the trailer hitch, hold it up against the installation location under the vehicle. Make sure that the hitch fits properly. Also, mark the location of any holes that must be drilled to install the hitch with a permanent marker.

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    Drill the necessary holes. The size of the holes that you drill depends upon the size of the bolts that you will be using to install the trailer hitch.

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    Hold the hitch in place with C-clamps so that you can easily tighten the bolts. With a socket set, install all the bolts and tighten them with a torque wrench. Make sure that the hitch does not move even slightly after it has been bolted.

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    Finally, make the electrical connection between the hitch and the brake light and turn signals. Again, refer to the instructions manual that came along with the hitch because the connector used to make the electrical connection is vehicle specific.

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