How to Install Copper Plumbing

Copper plumbing has many advantages over plastic plumbing; it is much more durable and if installed correctly, lasts a really long time.

Installing copper plumbing is quite an easy task and can be done by you at home without the need for any professional assistance. However if you do not have any past experience in plumbing, it is advisable to use some spare or used copper pipes and practice with them before starting work on actual pipes.

Things required

– Propane torch
– Copper tube cutter
– Wire Brush
– Copper pipe and fittings.
– Emery Cloth.
– Lead Free brush
– Lead free solder
– Heat shield cloth
– Water spray can


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    The first part is to be done on paper. Calculate the amount of copper piping required for the project, and research on the types of copper plumbing available in your locality. It is best to buy the highest quality plumbing as it will solve the issues such as leakage or seepage in the walls. After purchasing the required amount of copper pipe, measure the length required for one straight piece and mark the cutting points with a marker.

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    Use a copper tubing cutter to cut the pipe at the designated marks. Press the tubing cutter handle till the cutting wheel touches the marked line. Rotate the cutter one time to make a groove on the pipe, and tighten it more. Keep repeating this till the wire is cut completely.

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    Remember, the edges of the copper wire will be hot immediately after cutting so give it a minute or two to cool down. Then use a sand paper to smooth the edges of the pipe, and clean it with the help of an Emery cloth so that no trace of grease or dirt remains. Use a wire brush to clean out the inside of the pipe and also clean the inside of the copper fittings.

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    Place the pipe end firmly into the fitting. Put the heat shield cloth in the joint and remove any nearby things that can catch fire. Wear your protective goggles and gloves and fire up the propane torch. 

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    Take out about 9 inches of solder from the roll and hold the flame near the pipe joint so that heat is transferred equally to both components. The flux will soon begin to glow and will make a sizzling sound. Touch the end of the solder to the flux to join them permanently with each other.

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