How to Install Sink Plumbing

Plumbing can be considered an art and the key is to connect pipes in a way that they do not leak. Installing sink plumbing is not difficult if you work stepwise. You can use PVC pipes as waste pipes and copper pipes for water supply when installing sink plumbing.

Things Required:

– Water supply line
– Shut offs
– PVC fittings
– PVC pipe
– P-trap
– Adjustable wrench
– PVC primer
– PVC cement
– PVC saw
– Drain


  • 1

    Shut off the water supply

    Before installing sink plumbing, you need to stop the main water supply of your house.

  • 2

    Insert the water supply pipes

    Then you need to insert the water supply pipes into the end of the shut off. Note that you need to slide the compression nut on the water supply pipes before inserting it into the shut off. After inserting, tighten the nut with help from adjustable wrench. Remember that you need to take the nut to the threaded area before tightening it.

  • 3

    Check for leak

    Next you should attach shut off on the other side and turn on water to check for any leaks. If there is any leak, repair it now.  If the pipes are clear and there are no leaks then leave the water open using the shut offs.

  • 4

    Check the type of waste pipe

    You need to check the type of waste pipes which are coming out of the wall at the spot. In case there is a threaded metal fitting then you need to apply the PVC adapter. In order to put a male fitting if the pipes require then you can need to place a PVC primer and the PVC cement on it.

  • 5

    Apply plumber putty

    Next you need to apply the pliable substance which is used to create watertight seal around the drain opening. Then place the drain in the hole. After inserting the drain, place, drain washer, metal washer and tighten with a nut.

  • 6

    Threaded stems and feed tubes

    Put in the threaded stems in opening of the sink with insert the nut afterwards. Then put one end of the feed tubes in the shut offs and the other end into the faucet. Remember to tighten the nuts after this.

  • 7

    Apply P-trap

    In the end you need to insert the P-trap. In some cases you may be required to use more PVC pipe. Simply use according to the requirement and then put primer and cement onto the end of P-trap. The P-trap should be placed between the wall connection and the tailpiece.

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