How to Obtain a Plumbing License in Hawaii

Just like in any other city in most of the developed countries, you will have to obtain a plumbing licence before you can perform plumbing work in Hawaii. There are two basic types of plumbing licences. Master plumber and journeyman worker plumber licences. If you wish to work solo as a plumber in Hawaii, a worker plumber licence is all that is required but in case you wish to start a proper plumbing business, you will be required to obtain a master plumber licence. However, if your intention is to become a plumbing contractor, master plumber and journeyman worker plumber licences will not suffice and you will need a separate contractor’s license.


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    Before applying for a plumbing licence, master or journeyman worker, make sure you meet the basic requirements. According to the Uniform Plumbing Code, the prerequisites for a journeyman worker plumber licence are at least 5 years and 10,000 hours of plumbing experience whereas to obtain a master plumber licence, one must be a licensed journeyman worker plumber along with two years' experience as a licensed journeyman worker plumber.

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    From the section related to plumbing of the official website of Government of Hawaii, download a ‘Plumber License Application Form’ and complete it. Deposit the necessary application processing fee and post the application form to the address mentioned on the website.

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    After the application has been processed and approved, a plumber exam needs to be taken. But before you can take the plumbing test, you will have to submit the examination registration form which was sent to you by the Uniform Plumbing Code board. Apart from a nominal registration fee, attach the approval letter that you received from the board.

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    Two parts constitute the examination and duration of two hours is allowed to complete the exam. Part one is more of a general test where as part two is specifically related to plumbing. In the first part, you will be required to demonstrate that you fully understand business and law, whereas in the second part, you will be asked questions about plumbing codes and regulations, equipment and methods, and plumbing tools.

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    In case you successfully pass the examination, you are qualified to obtain a journeyman worker plumber licence. Simply pay the licensing fee to apply for the licence.

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