How to Use a Plumbing Snake on a Toilet

A plumbing snake is used to unblock clogs in your drain. It is better than a plunger as it is longer and can reach far inside the drain. It is a long metal cord with a special head which is used to clear the clog. This helpful tool is cheap and easy to use. In case you have a clogged toilet then a plumbing snake is the best option to use.

Things Required:

– Towels
– Plumbing snake
– Plunger


  • 1

    Cover the floor

    First of all you need to cover the floor with towels to absorb water. Water can fall on the floor due to overflow or back splash. Remember to use old towels for this purpose. After covering the floor, put the plumbing snake’s head into the toilet.

  • 2

    Reach towards the clog

    Next you need to take the plumbing snake’s head towards the clog inside the hole in the toilet bowl. You need to move the handle until you find some resistance. This resistance is the clog in your toilet.

  • 3

    Twist the handle

    After finding the clog, you need to make the plumbing snake’s head move back and forth in order to remove it. You can do this by continuously turning the handle clockwise and anticlockwise. When the water level declines then this mean you have removed the clog. In case you fail to remove the clog and the water level stays same, you need to pull out the plumbing snake.

  • 4

    Insert it back

    If you fail to clear the clog in your toilet, insert the plumbing snake’s head once again. However, wash it first before inserting the head in the siphon again. Crank the plumbing snake again until you find the clog again.

  • 5

    Twist the handle

    After finding the clog again, you need to turn the handle clockwise and anticlockwise in order to remove the clog. Twist the handle until the water level goes back to its original level. For immovable clogs, you might need to repeat the whole process again.

  • 6

    Use plunger

    After clearing the clog, you need to pull out the plumbing snake’s head and use a plunger to remove any leftovers. In the end, you need to flush the toilet in order to check it is working perfectly.

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