How to Install New Fonts on Mac

Mac, which is short for Macintosh, is a line of personal computers by Apple, a company that has managed to impress millions of consumers around the globe with its products and technology. Despite being there for nearly three decades, the computer line has shown a great deal of consistency in terms of quality and user satisfaction.

Being fully aware of the different requirements of the consumers, Apple has always made it a point to integrate various features in Mac. One such feature is fonts, an element that has become essential to graphic design and desktop publishing projects over the years.

Apple allows users to add and install new fonts to their computer in just a matter of minutes. The process is not only quick, but equally convenient.

Things Required:

– Mac
– OS X (Mac operating system)
– Internet connectivity


  • 1

    The first thing that you need to do is download your preferred font. In order to do that, launch the Safari web browser and go to a font web site. Use the Google search engine to get a list of websites that have a wide range of fonts available for Macs. Depending on the website that you eventually choose to download your preferred font from, you may or may not have to pay a small fee. In case you want to skip the search for a good font website, simply visit dafont for a huge variety of fonts.

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    Once you have found the font that you were looking for, click on it. A small download box will appear, prompting you to specify where you want the file to be downloaded. Specify the location and begin downloading the file.

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    Once the downloading is complete, locate the font and double-click it. Doing so will cause the font to open in a program “Font Book”. Just click the “Install” button to start installing the new font on your Mac.

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