How to Integrate Technology in the Classroom

Given the fact that there are so many technological advancements taking place in the world, our classrooms also have to evolve and accept these new technologies instead of becoming a hindrance in the process of evolution. It is quite clear that the conventional classrooms are now obsolete and new methods of learning have to be given a chance; otherwise, schooling will soon lose its purpose as the children of today and of the future generations will learn everything they need to know outside their classrooms.


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    Teachers can use a laptop and make a grade book of all the students for record-keeping. This will make it very easy for the teachers to observe the overall performance of the students. These grade books can then be shared online for the benefit of students and parents.

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    Schools can look into having a properly established WiFi system which will enable students and teachers to share notes and information. An online library can also be maintained by the educational institution, which can be accessed by the students anytime.

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    Teachers can create an online portal where they can keep the curriculum and lesson plans so that the students can visit the portal and get a clear idea about their academic year.

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    The administration should facilitate the use of tablets and laptops in the classrooms, where teachers and students can access the internet immediately and learn from a wide range of information available to them.

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    Putting the results on the portal will actually promote transparency in the grading system. Teachers accused of favouritism will not survive this new system, bringing about a revolution in the grading mechanism.

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    Contacting teachers through the school emailing system is the best thing that can happen to the students, as they can get immediate replies from the teachers and find a solution to their problems. Students who are shy when it comes to talking to their teachers face to face will also benefit, as they can easily contact the teachers via email.

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    Asking professors and scholars to deliver lectures through video conferencing is a great way to enhance the learning ability of the students. Scientists at the other corner of the planet can also deliver a lecture to students, and create interest in the learning process.

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    Classrooms can have video cameras so that the administration can monitor the teaching abilities of the teachers and see if the students are gaining anything or not. These observations can be very usual for teacher evaluations.

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