How to Interpret Your Dreams

Every night, we find ourselves exiting the real world and drifting into a world of murkiness and excitement. Everything that we experience during our time in that world seems and feels real, yet we eventually open our eyes to find that it was nothing more than our mind taking complete control of our body and senses.

Dreams are one of the most confusing aspects of our life, one that has attracted the curiosity and interest of scientists for years. Continuous attempts are being made to understand them, especially due to the notion that they hold deep meanings and can guide us through the maze of life.

In recent times and after decades of research, it has become possible to interpret dreams, though only to an extent. There are certain things that a person should keep in mind while trying to understand the meaning and significance of their dreams.

Things Required:

– Dream diary
– Pen


  • 1

    The first thing that you need to do before interpreting your dreams is to ask yourself why you want to understand their meaning. In order to do that, you may become aware of their importance first.

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    After you have realised the importance of dreams and are prepared to make a committed effort to interpret them, you need to start working on remembering them. The most effect and common way of doing that is to keep a dream diary. Keep it along with a pen on your bedside table and write your dream down in it the moment you wake up from it.

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    Once you have the dream in written form, start interpreting it. While there are a lot of guides and dictionaries available in the bookstores and Internet that claim to hold the key to interpreting dreams, you need to understand that they can never truly help you understand the true meaning of what you saw while you were asleep because they cannot feel what you felt or experience what you experienced. Therefore, interpret the dreams with the right frame of mind instead of letting some guides or dictionaries lead you.

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    While interpreting your dream, start at the basic level by looking for the most obvious meaning that it may hold. Then move to the next level and look for representation of your emotions and feelings in it. Once you have analysed your dream at the first two levels, move to level three, which involves searching for a deeper meaning.

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    Try to recall any recent incident or event that could have possibly played a role in making you see a certain dream. Identifying that incident or event may allow you to understand the meaning of your dream better.

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    Apply your analysis of the dream to real-life situations.

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