How to Issue Startup Stocks

You are expecting to raise funds for the new project investment but you are unable to find any source that will give you a loan or something on the same line? You can easily find a hefty amount of money with the issue of stocks that will liquidate the ownership of your firm but allow you to grow aggressively and invest in all those projects that give you a positive Net Present Value and are mutually exclusive. However, you will have to go through a very hectic process that will allow you to list your firm at the stock exchange and it might not look viable but a bit of pain at the start will yield you a big amount of return later on so going through with the decision of getting public is the right choice when your main aim is to gather finance and not to keep the ownership of the firm in few hands.


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    You will have to find an investment bank that will fit you scenario. You will have to browse different investment banks that deal in the process of helping firms to go public. You will have to look at the options that are available to you and the offers they give to you. The most famous banks that deal in the process of issuing stocks to the general public are Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. You can go to them and discuss your situation and they will guide you better in each scenario.

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    The investment bank will handle all your paperwork and provide you two deals that depend on the scenario. They will either tell you to take an agreement which will bind them to guarantee the sale of all stocks that you want to list and if some stocks are leftover, the bank will be responsible to pay you for that number of stocks. In other terms, the bank will get the stake in the business with the amount of stocks that weren’t sold to the general public. The other scenario is that the bank will not take the guarantee of selling the entire stock and will try their best to sell as much as they can but the leftover ones will be returned to the firm.

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    Bank will take the case to the Securities and Exchange department. They will evaluate the application and authorize the issue of stocks. The stocks will be in the market by the date specified by the firm after the approval of SEC.

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