How to Jump Hurdles Correctly

If you have been good at jumping over obstacles since your childhood, you might want to participate in a professional hurdle jumping event. But before you do so, you will probably need to learn the right way of jumping hurdles correctly because it is different in various aspects than jumping over every day obstacles. That being said, you can hone your hurdle jumping skills with enough practice and patience as you eventually become a true professional.

Things Required:

– A number of hurdles set on a track


  • 1

    Start approaching the first hurdle in your path, maintaining a seven or an eight foot gait. It is a common practice of most sprinters to rely on an eight foot gait for jumping over the first hurdle in a track.

  • 2

    At the exact moment when you plan to make the jump, the knee of your dominant leg should be in the lead. Raise your leg at your knee just enough to easily jump over the hurdle. To maintain your balance while landing, avoid turning your dominant leg at the knee or ankle as this will create a shortened stride. Be careful while in the training phase because the risk of a sprained ankle is always there.

  • 3

    To keep your body centred as your dominant leg clears the first hurdle, move your opposite arms towards the toes of the foot of your strong leg.

  • 4

    You will be required to lean your upper body slightly in towards your dominant leg to conserve speed and energy which will prove useful in jumping over the second hurdle.

  • 5

    Rotate your leading arm out and back when you have cleared the hurdle just about halfway. Allow your arm enough freedom to go out and down but do not let your elbow drift away from your body.

  • 6

    Fold your non-dominant leg at the knee and make it pass right under your lead arm. As before, you will need to be extra careful during the training phase because the risk of hitting the hurdle with your trailing knee is always there.

  • 7

    Land purposefully and move towards the next hurdle. Keep your mind properly focused at all times and train as much as you can and you will eventually master the art of jumping hurdles.

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